Fired Up

Bespoke Garden Kitchens & Fire Pits

Add value to your life & your home

Designers, Surveyors, Builders and Cooks, totally passionate about cooking fantastic food, outside, all year round. We design and build bespoke kitchens and pits for you to produce enumerable moments of pleasure and memory around open fire.

Each and every client becomes part of our family and gets to join in with the best kit, methodology, recipes and products, created for your home.

See it, feel it, smell it

We all love a fire. Whether you’re cooking or just sitting, you’ll be generating wonderful new feelings and emotions with whoever is with you.

We’ve been doing this for over 6000 years, convening and bringing everyone together in front of, or around an open fire. Now you can achieve a laid back togetherness you may not have enjoyed for a long time, talking, laughing, and eating and drinking. All fostered by you.

Add value to your life and your home with any of our products. We want everyone in the UK cooking and relaxing outside all year round

Cooking the Turkey on Christmas day, slamming the lamb at Easter, or just simply doing a few burgers, sausages & sweetcorn whilst watching a meteor shower in November.

Give us a ping, see what we can do together.

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